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The sign accompanying the Gemini ejection seat. It reads

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The ejection seat displayed to the right is an actual unit removed from a Gemini spacecraft. The Gemini spacecraft used these rocket propelled seats to provide an emergency escape route for the astronauts in case their rocket malfunctioned during launch.

Tom Stafford and Wally Schirra nearly had to use their ejection seats during an attempted launch of their Gemini VI spacecraft in December, 1965. Just as their Titan II rocket engines ignited on the launch pad, an electrical connector improperly disconnected, shutting the engines down before the rocket began to lift from the pad. Technically, the astronauts should have ejected from the potentially explosive abort. Making a split second judgment, the astronauts did not fire the ejection seats, and stayed with the spacecraft. This quick, cool, and calm saved the Gemini from damage, and allowed the Gemini VI crew to be successfully launched just three days later.

Sign accompanying Gemini Ejection Seat at Stafford Air & Space Museum
Time picture taken Mon Apr 11 12:00:18 2016
Location picture taken Tom Stafford History Room
Stafford Air & Space Museum
Weatherford, Oklahoma
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