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Two ID plates, including the engine's "master" ID plate.

If you look closely in dsc46629.jpg between the gimbal actuator mounts you can see a silver sphere; that sphere appears in the upper left of this photo.

This is F-1 engine 114-2; Alan Lawrie's records indicate that this is a developmental unit which was in environmental storage at the Michoud Assembly Facility during a 1990 audit.

The top ID plate reads

Rocket Engine Component
Part Name: Body, Thrust Chamber, Assy of
Part No.: 209202-71X7
Contract No.: 8671 0
Assembly Date: [blank]
Lot No.: [blank]
Expiration Date: [blank]
Serial No.: 04300210 [somewhat unintelligible; best guess]
Spec No.: [some sort of inspection stamp]
Weight: [blank]
Insp: [some sort of inspection stamp]

The bottom ("master") ID plate reads

Rocket Engine
Part Name: F-1 Engine Assembly
Contract No.: 09143
Part No.: 104002
Spec No.: [blank]
Stock No.: [blank]
Serial No.: 114-2
Model No.: [blank]
Accepted: [blank]
Weight: [blank]
Insp: [some sort of inspection stamp]

F-1 Engine at Stafford Air & Space Museum
Time picture taken Thu Jul 31 11:41:30 2008
Location picture taken Apollo Gallery
Stafford Air & Space Museum
Weatherford, Oklahoma
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