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View inside the SLA, facing the Service Module. Note the Service Propulsion System (SPS) engine, at center; the nozzle extension is not bolted on.

Note the fuel service connection at the 11:00 position and the oxidizer service connection at the 3:00 position; these were used to fill and drain the service module's propellant tanks.

Also note the SM/SLA electrical umbilical at bottom center.

I've prepared a page diagramming the Service Module's aft face, featuring the aft heat shield and some of the Service Propulsion System (SPS) plumbing, including the propellant fill/drain connectors.

Aft of Service Module, including Service Propulsion System (SPS) engine, inside the Spacecraft-Lunar Module Adapter (SLA) on Johnson Space Center (JSC) Saturn V at Space Center Houston
Time picture taken Sun Aug 3 17:13:50 2008
Location picture taken Saturn V Center
Rocket Park
Johnson Space Center
Houston, TX
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