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The ID plate on the start tank. It reads

Propulsion System Component

Part Name: Tank, Integral-Insulated
Part Number: 307579
Operating Pressure, Outer Tank: 1,310 PSIG at -225±25°F
Operating Pressure, Inner Tank: 3,900 PSIG at -225±25°F
Standard Volume, Outer Tank: 7,300 cu. in.
Standard Volume, Inner Tank: 1,000 cu. in.
Tank Serial Number: 4076676
Plate Part No.: 307578
Rocketdyne, A Division of North American Aviation, Inc.

The smaller, red plate reads


Internal Parts
Do Not Use With
Strong Oxidizers

ID plate on J-2 Engine start tank at Science Museum Oklahoma (formerly the Omniplex)
Time picture taken Wed Jul 30 15:23:50 2008
Location picture taken Open-Air Exhibit Gallery
Science Museum Oklahoma (formerly the Omniplex)
Oklahoma City, OK
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