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The sign accompanying the G4C suit. It reads

Gemini G4C Space Suit

This G4C Type was developed for the astronauts of Project Gemini. One purpose of this project was to determine whether an astronaut could emerge from the 2-man spacecraft and perform useful work, protected only by his space suit. This extra-vehicular activity adanced the role of the Gemini suit from a backup to a prime system.

Construction: Innermost layer: Soft nylon layer designed for comfort
Third layer: Pressure garment of black neoprene-coated nylon
Secont layer: Restraint garment of woven nylon net fabric
layer: High temperature resistant white nylon
Manufactured by David C Clark Co.

Sign accompanying the Project Gemini G4C Suit at National Air & Space Museum
Time picture taken Fri Jun 22 13:23:06 2007
Location picture taken Rocketry and Space Flight Gallery (subsequently closed)
National Air & Space Museum
Washington, DC
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