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The sign which accompanies Gemini 4. It reads

First American Spacewalk

Gemini IV orbited the Earth on June 3-7, 1965. While James A. McDivitt remained inside, Edward H. White II opened the right-hand hatch and floated out into space, where he remained for 20 minutes, the first American astronaut to "walk" in space. Three months earlier, Soviet cosmonaut Aleksei A. Leonov had performed the first spacewalk. White was connected to the spacecraft's life-support and communications systems by a gold-covered "umbilical cord," and he used a hand-held jet thruster to maneuver in space. The Gemini missions tested procedures and equipment needed for upcoming Apollo missions to the Moon.

Transferred from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Height: 3.4 m (11 ft)
Maximum diameter: 2.3 m (7 ft 6 in)
Weight: 3,200 kg (7,000 lb)
Manufacturer: McDonnell Aircraft Corp. for NASA
Launch vehicle: Titan II

Gemini 4 is NASM catalog #A19670209000.

Gemini 4 sign in the Milestones of Flight gallery at the National Air & Space Museum
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