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Detail of one of the three stowage restraints for the uprighting bags.

When the command module would splash down, it would rest in one of two positions: Stable I ("pointy side up") or Stable II ("pointy side down"). Of course, for the astronauts strapped to the couches (who would be hanging upside down in Stable II) and to the frogmen attempting to open the hatch to recover the astronauts, Stable I was much preferred.

There were three "uprighting bags," inflatable spheres (looking somewhat like giant soccer balls) which would flip the command module from Stable II to Stable I.

For additional information on the uprighting bags, refer to Apollo Experience Report - Command Module Uprighting System.

Uprighting bag stowage restraint on Apollo 11 at National Air & Space Museum.
Time picture taken Tue Jun 19 15:16:48 2007
Location picture taken Milestones of Flight Gallery
National Air & Space Museum
Washington, DC
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