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The sign accompanying the Lunar Sample Container Decontamination Bag. It reads

Lunar Sample Container

The larger bag was used to store sample while they were transported from the moon back to the Lunar Receiving Laboratory in Houston, Texas.

Based on the bag's part number (V36-601505), I traced the bag to Apollo 14 Stowage List, learning that it is actually a "Bag, Decon, Lunar Sample", which eventually led me to a Smithsonian "Bag, Lunar Sample Container Decontamination, Apollo 15" page.

This bag was not used to prevent contaminating the lunar samples, but rather was used to prevent the lunar samples from contaminating the command module. Prior to moving the Apollo Lunar Sample Return Containers from the lunar module to the command module, the ALSRCs were cleaned and placed in bags such as this. This limited the amount of lunar dust transferred to the command module.

Sign accompanying lunar sample container in Apollo Lunar Sample Equipment display at Neil Armstrong Air & Space
Time picture taken Sat May 16 14:33:14 2009
Location picture taken Second Floor Lunar Surface Gallery
Neil Armstrong Air & Space Museum
Wapakoneta, OH
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