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Detail of the left side of of the suit's neck ring, including the vent port, ID tag, and suit's inner liner.

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The Apollo suits were actually comprised of several subassemblies, essentially separate garments, which were worn together as a single unit.

The familiar white part of the suit is the integrated thermal micrometeoroid garment ("ITMG"), which provided protection from the thermal extremes and any space debris which might be encountered during the EVA. Inside that is the pressure garment assembly ("PGA"), which was the air-tight part of the suit which gave the "pressure" to the "pressure suit." Inside the PGA was a nylon liner which provided improved comfort and donning.

In this picture, we see that the inner liner of the suit attaches near the neck ring with Velcro.

Armstrong's Apollo 11 Backup Suit neck ring at Neil Armstrong Air & Space
Time picture taken Sat May 16 12:59:22 2009
Location picture taken Second Floor Lunar Surface Gallery
Neil Armstrong Air & Space Museum
Wapakoneta, OH
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