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The sign accompanying the turret. It reads

Bendix A-9
"Gun Turret"

The A-9 turret was designed for and used on the North American B-25J Mitchell medium bomber. Located on top of the fuselage just behind the cockpit, it contained two Browning .50 caliber machine guns each firing up to 550 rounds per minute. A type N-6A gunsight was mounted between the guns. Ammunition boxes located at the front contained 400 rounds for each gun.

The turret was powered by a one-half horsepower electric motor. It could rotate a full 360 degrees at 33 degrees per second and the guns could be elevated from horizontal up to 90 degrees. An interrupter system prevented the guns from being fired when pointed at any part of the airplane or propellers. The gunner sat on a bicycle seat attached to the center pedestal with his feet resting on adjustable footrests.

Time picture taken Sun Jun 21 12:05:38 2009
Location picture taken WWII Hangar (Hangar 3)
Museum of Aviation
Warner Robins, Georgia
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