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The sign near the A-7 engine. It reads

A-6 Engine

This is a Mercury-Redstone engine built by Chrysler Corporation in Warren, Michigan. The Mercury-Redstone was a single stage rocket 70 inches in diameter and 59 feet height (83 feet high with capsule and escape tower). The A-6 engine burned alcohol and liquid oxygen to produce 78,000 pounds of thrust.

A Mercury-Redstone rocket like the one standing in front of the Space Center was used to launch Allen [sic] B. Shepard, our first astronaut into space on May 5, 1961. It was a suborbital flight of 130 miles lasting 15 minutes 45 seconds and reaching a speed of 4,909 mph.

Note that the sign incorrectly identifies this engine as an A-6; it's actually an A-7. See my Redstone rocket engines page for additional details on the A-6 and A-7.

Also, the A-7 engine is a product of North American Aviation's Propulsion Section (later renamed to the Rocketdyne Division), rather than Chrysler, although Chrysler was the contractor for the Redstone proper.

Time picture taken Sat Sep 28 09:35:03 2002
Location picture taken Museum Grounds
Michigan Space & Science Center
Jackson, MI
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