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F-1 Engine Test Stand (Post-Demolition) Gallery


Overall view of the F-1 Engine Test Stand LOX tank (far left).

The LOX tank is approximately 1½ the height of the RP-1 tank and is the upper tank, visible above the thicker work platform in this pre-removal photo of the F-1 Engine Test Stand. See "Floor Plans - Fuel Tank Support, Fuel Platform, and LOX Platform Plans" and "Building Section" drawings at HABS/HAER for additional information about the propellant tanks prior to their removal.

Google Maps link to the tank's location when I photographed it. (As I write this page, only the overhead view has been updated to show the LOX tank; the 45° view has not been so updated. Since the 45° view cannot be disabled by encoding a URL, you will need to turn it off manually to see the LOX tank.)

Time picture taken Thu Sep 12 11:12:20 2013
Location picture taken Boneyard
Southeast of S-IC Test Stand
West Test Area
Marshall Space Flight Center
Huntsville, AL
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