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F-1 Engine Test Stand (Post-Demolition) Gallery


The ruins of the F-1 Engine Test Stand, as seen from the roof of the West Test Area Control Facility (Blockhouse).

Compare this photo to one taken from a slightly different vantage point prior to the test stand's demolition.

At far right is the foundation for the single-story instrumentation/control areas and the mechanical shop (at ground level). The subgrade level of this part of the test stand housed the electrical equipment, mechanical equipment, and termination rooms.

To the left are the foundations of the northeast and southeast concrete pillars. Continuing left, the large round hole in the far wall is the 72" high pressure water line which supplied cooling water from the pumphouse to the test stand's flame deflector. The foundations of the northwest and southwest concrete pillars appear next, with the flame trench disappearing behind the tree.

Time picture taken Mon Sep 9 17:11:32 2013
Location picture taken West Test Area Control Facility (Blockhouse)
West Test Area
Marshall Space Flight Center
Huntsville, AL
Picture also in West Test Area Control Facility (Blockhouse)
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