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Overall walk-around of the subgrade level of the test stand (below the single-story portion of the stand as seen at far right in this photo). The subgrade level housed the electrical equipment room, the mechanical equipment room, and the termination room. The equipment delivery and removal pit was accessible from the mechanical equipment room. Refer to the "Floor Plans - Foundation Plan at Bedrock and Subgrade Level Plan" at the HABS/HAER survey of the F-1 Engine Static Test Stand.

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This photo was taken from the long, west wall (where the back of the flame deflector would have been). The entrance to the equipment delivery and removal pit is visible at center on the east wall; I assume the dark, vertical stripe to the left of the entrance to the pit was the wall separating electrical and mechanical equipment rooms.

Time picture taken Mon Sep 9 14:59:36 2013
Location picture taken F-1 Engine Test Stand
West Test Area
Marshall Space Flight Center
Huntsville, AL
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