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View of the Juno I/Jupiter-C's upper stages.

The Jupiter-C consisted of two solid-propellant upper stages. Both stages consist of what are described as "scaled-down Sergeant" motors. Eleven such rockets, arranged in a circle around the outside of the "tub," comprised the second stage. The third stage was composed of three rockets, arranged around the center of the tub. A test, Jupiter-style ablative nose cone would be mounted at the top of the tub.

The Juno I additionally had a single Sergeant-derived rocket as its fourth stage, mounted forward of the second and third stages, at the exact center of the tub. The payload was mounted at the front of the fourth stage.

This booster appears to be a Juno I configuration, with an Explorer I-type satellite mounted on the fourth stage.

Time picture taken Thu Jul 19 15:10:54 2012
Location picture taken Rocket Garden
Marshall Space Flight Center
Huntsville, AL
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