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The ID plates on the forward frustum interface protective cover.

The silver plate at top reads

No Periodic PM/Val

The silver plate at center is mostly unreadable, but says "Property of U.S. Government"a at top and contains the digit "6" at lower right.

The large ID plate at bottom reads

United Technologies
United Space Boosters
FSCM: 55340
Huntsville, Al 35807
Frustum Interface Protective Cover - Fwd
Part No.: 10603-0057-101
Ser No.: 002
Accept Date: [blank]
Wt (lb): [blank]
Lot No.: [blank]
Contr No.: A77-0151
NSN: [blank]
Mfd By: [blank]

"FSCM" presumably stands for "Federal Stock/Supply Classification/Code for Manufacturers".

Time picture taken Mon Sep 9 12:48:52 2013
Location picture taken Building 4205
Marshall Space Flight Center
Huntsville, AL
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