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Detail of the large ID plate on the opening for the right-hand forklift tine. It reads

United Technologies
United Space Boosters
FSCM: 55340
Huntsville, Al 35807
Fwd Skirt Transportation Pallet
Part No.: 10602-0156-110
Date: [blank]
Ser No.: 003
Mod No.: P77-0154-1
Lot No.: [blank]
NSN: [blank]
Wt (lb): [blank]
Contr No.: [blank]
Mfd Date: [blank]
Mfd By: [blank]
Mfr FSCM: [blank]

"FSCM" presumably stands for "Federal Stock/Supply Classification/Code for Manufacturers".

Time picture taken Mon Sep 9 12:46:26 2013
Location picture taken Building 4205
Marshall Space Flight Center
Huntsville, AL
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