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F-1 Engine F-6090 by Static Test Tower Gallery


Detail of the F-1 engine.

My intent was to get the serial number from the ID plate, but the angle was bad (the red connector is blocking the part of the ID plate on which the serial number would appear), and I just had my "short" lens mounted. The short duration of the tour stop prevented me from changing lenses and seeking a more favorable angle.

Alan Lawrie has since identified this F-1 engine as F-6090, an engine which had been in environmental storage at the Michoud Assembly Facility in 1990. In September 2011, a team at Marshall disassembled this engine to learn how it operated and to become knowledgeable about large liquid oxygen/hydrocarbon engines so that they're prepared for future programs.

Time picture taken Fri Oct 24 13:09:30 2008
Location picture taken Static Test Tower
East Test Area
Marshall Space Flight Center
Huntsville, AL
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