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The Cold Calibration Test Stand, Building 4588, prior to its demolition. These stands were used to test H-1 (left) and F-1 (right) turbopumps.

It has earned a place in the Historic American Engineering Record. Be certain to click the "photos" icon in the upper left of the page; included are pictures of H-1 turbopumps installed in the test stand, as well as the interior of the test stand's blockhouse. There's additional information on this test stand in the Historic American Engineering Record's East Test Area page (under both the "photos" and "drawings" icons).

Additionally, I have annotated the this test stand's former location on the aerial overview, and I also present the Google Maps link.

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Time picture taken Fri Oct 24 12:59:08 2008
Location picture taken Near Static Test Tower
East Test Area
Marshall Space Flight Center
Huntsville, AL
Picture also in Cold Calibration Test Stand
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