MSFC Overview

The photo below shows the major landmarks in MSFC's historic testing area. Encompassing both the East Test Area and the West Test Area, the photo includes the Static Test Stand, Cold Calibration Test Stand, the LH2 sphere from the J-2 Engine Test Stand, the Saturn V Dynamic Test Stand, the Saturn I Dynamic Test Stand, the F-1 Engine Test Stand, and the S-IC Test Stand.

I also have a MSFC's Rocket Garden, as well as a page information about and vintage photos of Marshall's Rocket Garden and Space Orientation Center.

Marshall Space Flight Center MSFC East Test Area, West Test Area, S-IC Test Stand, F-1 Engine Test Stand, Saturn I Dynamic Test Stand, Saturn V Dyanmic Test STand, J-2 Test Stand, Cold Calibration Test Stand, Saturn I/IB Static Test Stand (T-Tower)

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From the first page of Marshall's Propulsion and Structural Test Facility National Historic Landmark photo packet (direct link to 2.2M PDF)
Extraction and adaptation by heroicrelics.