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Propulsion Research Development Laboratory (PRDL)

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The Propulsion Research Development Laboratory (PRDL) is a national resource for researchers from NASA, other government agencies, and universities. With more than 66,000 square feet of usable laboratory and high-bay space, the PRDL offers a flexible, multi-functional environment for engineers and scientists to share resources. This environment enables them to perform research in advanced in-space propulsion technologies ranging from advanced chemical fuels and high-energy nuclear and electric systems to plasma-based and electromagnetic thrusters.

Missions to Mars will require propulsion systems with performance levels exceeding that of today's best chemical engines. Marshall engineers are exploring alternative propulsion technologies including nuclear engines. The Nuclear Thermal Rocket Element Environmental Simulator (NTREES) is a non-nuclear facility for affordable testing of prototypical nuclear rocket fuel. NTREES simulates the environmental conditions that nuclear rocket fuel components will experience during reactor operation - but without the radiation.

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