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One of the desiccant cups, located at the 12:00 and 6:00 positions on the turbopump oxidizer inlet closure assembly.

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The stylized Rocketdyne logo and "Install 8 Units Desiccant" are engraved in the top surface.

What would appear to be its part number, "ST3950159RKL001" and "Assy-35070", are stamped onto it between the logo and desiccant markings. Above the Rocketdyne logo is stamped "02602" (or perhaps "J2602").

The white label reads

Desiccant Units
Reqd: -8- Date: 6-23-69
Insp: <inspection stamp>

Time picture taken Sat Jan 19 14:57:02 2013
Location picture taken Home of Mark Wells
Northern Alabama
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