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Launch Complex 26 Blockhouse Gallery


Inside the blockhouse's General Purpose Room are a number of displays, including some blockhouse windows.

The accompanying sign reads

Blockhouse Windows

These windows are composed of 3 segments, each with 15 layers of one-quarter-inch glass laminated together. Each segment forms a block that is 4 feet long, 2 feet wide, and 4 inches thick. The space between each segment was pressurized with an inert gas to control moisture. The total thickness of each window is 12 inches, which gave crews working in the blockhouse protection from any accidental explosions on the nearby launch pad. The window on top shows the heavy-duty exterior hardware necessary to install the windows into the blockhouse walls; the bottom window shows the interior finish.

Time picture taken Wed Jun 8 13:02:23 2005
Location picture taken Air Force Space and Missile Museum
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