F-1 Engine F-6049 ID Plate

F-1 rocket engine F-6049 is displayed at the Udvar-Hazy Center. The Smithsonian no longer allows monopods for photography, and the F-1's "master" ID plate is on the other side of a display of model rockets, so I was unable to photograph the ID plate myself.

However, Scott Willey, a former docent at the Udvar-Hazy Center, was kind enough to send me a photo of the ID plate:

F-1 rocket engine F-6049 serial number ID plate at Smithsonian
	 Udvar-Hazy Center

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Photo by Scott Willey.

This engine is somewhat unusual in that the engine's serial number appears on a standard "Rocket Engine Component" ID plate; more customarily, the F-1 bears a special "Rocket Engine" ID plate for this purpose. There are usually several of the "Rocket Engine Component" ID plates, but a single "Rocket Engine" plate, on a rocket engine.

The ID plate reads as follows:

Rocket Engine Component

Part Name: Rocket Engine Assembly
Contract No.: NAS8-5604
Part No.: 104001
Spec No.: R-1420eS
Stock No.: [blank]
Serial No.: F-6049
Model No.: F-1
Date of Mfg.: [blank]
Weight: [blank]
Insp.: [some sort of inspection stamp]