MSFC Static Test Stand Gantry Crane

North of the Static Test Stand in Marshall Space Flight Center's East Test Area is the gantry crane. Mounted on rails, it can move into position to facilitate installation of a stage in the test stand (e.g., as in MSFC-6518198 or MSFC-6520960) or it can move entirely out of the way so that it is clear of the exhaust plume when actually performing a test firing (as in MSFC-6413599; note the gantry crane at the far right).

This diagram illustrates the crane and its rail system.

Marshall Space Flight Center MSFC Static Test Tower gantry crane

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From p. 33 (p. 32 in the PDF) of Handling, Transporting and Erection Instructions: Saturn S-1 Stage, SA-1 (EP-141)
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