Saturn V Apollo Flight Configuration

During one of my visits to the University of Alabama in Huntsville archives, I scanned one of the famous "Saturn V posters", the Saturn V Apollo Flight Configuration.

Saturn V Apollo Flight Configuration Poster

In the past when I've seen this poster, I always noticed that it was marked as "Sheet 1 of 2," but I had never seen Sheet 2 until my visit to the archives. Whereas Sheet 1 comprises the "Saturn V" portion of the flight configuration, Sheet 2 presents the "Apollo" portion: Sheet 2 includes diagrams with call-outs of the exterior of the Command Module and CM cut-aways showing the left- and right-hand views of the forward equipment compartment. Additionally, Sheet 2 depicts the A6L Apollo space suit (recall that it was the next version of the Apollo suit, the A7L and its successor, the A7LB, which was actually used in Project Apollo). Included are diagrams of the constant wear garment, the pressure garment assembly, and the thermal meteoroid garment (TMG). Recall that in the A6L, this was a separate overgarment which was donned prior to EVA, rather than being a permanent part of the suit as in the A7L (i.e., the ITMG, or "integrated" thermal meteoroid garment).

Saturn V Apollo Flight Configuration Poster

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I'm sure that you recognize this flight configuration drawing. However, all of the versions of this image I've found on the Internet seem to have been taken from a scan of a microfiche of the original document; as such the quality has been somewhat lacking. I was able to scan a vintage copy of this diagram, so the quality is much improved:

Saturn V Apollo Flight Configuration Poster

Left: Example of other copies of this drawing available on the Internet.
Right: heroicrelics scan of this drawing.

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