General S-IC Stage (Saturn V First Stage) Diagrams

I come across many S-IC diagrams which, while interesting, are not so interesting that they necessarily merit their own separate page. I have created this page as a repository for such diagrams.

The F-1 Familiarization Training Manual has a diagram of the S-IC stage; this is only natural, as the S-IC stage is the only stage in which the engine was ever mounted.

S-IC (Saturn V first) stage diagram showing LOX and RP-1 tanks

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From the second unnumbered page of the F-1 Engine Familiarization Training Manual, located in the archives of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center.
Also available from University of Alabama at Huntsville's USSRC Archive [direct link to 16.8M PDF file] [alternate link].
Scan and cleanup by heroicrelics.

The diagram notes the overall stage dimensions as 138 feet long and 33 feet in diameter and shows the LOX tank mounted forward of the RP-1 tank, with the LOX suction lines running through the fuel tank.

The following S-IC-related information is also noted:

Structurally, the S-IC stage consisted of

S-IC (Saturn V first) stage diagram showing thrust structure, fuel RP-1 tank, intertank, oxidizer LOX tank, and forward skirt

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Adapted from page A-10 (p. 246 in the PDF) of Apollo/Saturn V Space Vehicle Selected Structural Element Review Report, AS-503 (alternate link).
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