S-IC Test Stand (Building 4670) Log Book

Saturn V S-IC first stage Static Test Stand at Marshall Space Flight Center

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Among the files I received in a recent batch from Marshall Space Flight Center is a log book from the S-IC Test Stand from March 1965 through August 1967.

It documents the daily activities involved in performing the various static tests of the S-IC-T (the static test) stage, S-IC-1 (which launched Apollo 4), S-IC-2 (which launched Apollo 6), and S-IC-3 (which launched Apollo 8), including the installation of engines, necessary repairs, and the actual test firings.

S-IC-3 was the last S-IC stage tested at MSFC; subsequent static testing took place at the Missisippi Test Facility (today named the Stennis Space Center).

This log book consists entirely of text, without any photos or diagrams.

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The log book was scanned and converted to PDF by MSFC; heroicrelics performed the OCR (although there are a number of hand-written pages for which the OCR is of limited value).

I've prepared two PDFs: