Monaco Shaver Magazine Advertisement

Apollo 14 carried a wind-up shaver, allowing the astronauts to dry shave without shaving cream and a blade. There's mission footage of Alan Shepard shaving with one (he seems to be enjoying it!) and cleaning it (after Roosa's acrobatics), and then of Edgar Mitchell jokingly declining to use it but ultimately shaving with it.

The shaver was manufactured by Haverhill and marketed after the flight as the "Monaco shaver" (as it was apparently manufactured in the country of Monaco), billed as "the shaver that went to the Moon":

Monaco Shaver Apollo 14 the shaver that went to the moon magazine ad

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From page 64 of the November 26, 1971 issue of Life.
Scan by Google Books.
Extraction and clean-up by heroicrelics.

The ad reads

the shaver that went to the moon

When astronauts Shepard and Roosa returned from their historic Apollo 14 flight, they were as clean-shaven as when they left 9 days earlier. (Mitchell decided to grow a beard!) The reason? The Wind-Up Monaco shaver, selected by NASA to keep them comfortable and clean-shaven on their long journey.

The first secret of Monaco's marvelous performance lies in its shaving head. Three continuously self-sharpening blades revolve at such a fast clip that they actually give 72,000 cutting strokes per minute. And the guard is so unbelievably thin (5/100 of a mm—about the thickness of a cigarette paper) that pressure is unnecessary. Just touch the shaver to your face and guide it in circular motions for the smoothest shave ever.

The second secret is the power plant. The palm-shaped body of the Monaco is filled with a huge mainspring, made of the same Swedish super-steel used in the most expensive watch movements. Just wind it up and the Monaco shaves and shaves. From ear to ear, from nose to neck, and maintains full speed to the end—long enough to do the complete job. We could go on about the virtues of the Monaco, but (as with so many things) you have to try it to really believe it.

Send for your Monaco today in full confidence. Put it to the test for two weeks. You'll be delighted with the comfort, speed and convenience—and the independence it will give you from water, soap, batteries, electricity, styptic pencil and all other paraphernalia of conventional shaving.

If you decide the Monaco isn't the best shaver ever, send it back to us for prompt refund. If the Monaco served the Apollo 14 astronauts so well, think what it can do for you under much less trying conditions. Once you've tried it you'll never let it go.

Please send me:
⬜ Monaco Shaver-Standard Model $20.95
⬜ Monaco Deluxe-Model-Anatomique $22.95
⬜ Special Trimming Head (optional) $4.95

My check, plus $1 for post. & ins. is encl. (Calif. res. add tax.) Guaranteed 1 year.

584 Washington
San Francisco


The shaver came packaged with an insert with the same basic graphic but with different text.