Launch Complex 34 Service Structure

Among the ground support equipment at LC-34 was the service structure. Mounted on rails, it could be positioned over the launch pedestal so its cranes could be used to erect the Saturn launch vehicles. It also had work platforms at various levels, allowing technicians access to the stages and (on later missions) spacecraft.

As launch approached, it could be rolled to its storage location southwest of the pad, at a "safer" distance from the rocket's exhaust. This unnumbered NASA photo shows the service structure rolled back. This Google Maps link shows the pad, the storage area, and the rails connecting them.

Launch Complex 34 (LC-34) Saturn I Service Structure (Gantry)

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Adapted from p. 48 (p. 46 in the PDF) of Handling, Transporting and Erection Instructions: Saturn S-1 Stage, SA-1 (EP-141)
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