Neil Armstrong Air & Space Agena Rendezvous

During my first several visits to Neil Armstrong Air & Space, there was a projection screen in the gallery in which the Gemini 8 spacecraft was displayed which depicted an Agena target vehicle from orbit. I was unable to locate this particular Agena photo on the Internet, so I don't know if it was an actual photo or a still from some film footage.

I'm uncertain as to when the screen went dark, but the Agena projection was dark by the time of my May 2009 visit.

Of course, the spacecraft is relatively dark and the projection screen was relatively bright, so no single photo could properly expose both Gemini 8 and the Agena on the projection screen. I've combined two photos into a single image, creating a picture more visually representative of the scene.

Armstrong Air and Space Gemini-Agena Rendezvous

Click image for a 1600x1200 pixel version of this image in a new window.
Photo by heroicrelics.