View of the foundation of the former F-1 Engine Test Stand, taken March 4, 2013 (approx. three months after demolition) from the S-IC Test Stand.

There are plans to build a structural test stand, where engineers will apply loads to an object and measure the strain in the material to verify the designs hold up under launch stress; some tests will stress test articles to the point of structural failure. Building 4699, the Cryostructural Test Facility, located in Marshall's West Test Area is an existing structural test facility, but it is not large enough for the planned testing for the SLS program. Additional, non-cryogenic structural testing takes place in Building 4619, the Structures & Mechanics Lab (e.g., NASA Readies For World's Largest Can Crusher Test).

F-1 Engine Test Stand Final Demolition 2013-03-04-16.13.47.jpg

Time picture taken Mon Mar 04 16:13:47 2013
Location picture taken S-IC Test Stand
West Test Area
Marshall Space Flight Center
Huntsville, Alabama
Photo Credit Marshall Space Flight Center
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