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The fourth panel on the monument. It reads:

On July 21, 1961, Gus piloted the Liberty Bell 7 spacecraft -- the second and final suborbital Mercury test flight. This flight lasted 15 minutes and 37 seconds, gained an altitude of 118 miles, traveled at the rate of 5,310 MPH and landed in the Atlantic Ocean 302 miles downrange from the launch site at Cape Kennedy.

The capsule's hatch blew open prematurely. Sea water began to flood the Liberty Bell 7 spacecraft. Lt. Col. Grissom was rescued by Marine helicopter seconds before the capsule sank.

He was transported to the USS Randolph. NASA later declared the flight a complete success.

Panels on the Grissom Monument in Mitchell Indiana
Time picture taken Mon Nov 9 13:06:20 2009
Location picture taken Grissom Monument
Near S. 6th St. & W. Vine St.
Mitchell, Indiana
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