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The sign accompanying the mockup. It reads

Orion Service Module

Critical Capabilities for a New Age of Space Travel

Service Module Model

NASA Glenn Research Center's expertise in propulsion, power, thermal, and communications systems made work on the service module the logical role for the Center. Engineers at Glenn conducted conceptual design studies of the service module. This full-scale model was constructed by Glenn technicians in late 2005 and was based on those conceptual designs.

This service module is 18 feet in diameter and weighs just under 1 ton. It was made to illustrate the size and major functions of the service module. Thrust is provided by the rocket engine (1), maneuvering by the thrusters (2), and fuel storage by the cryogenic tanks (3). The solar arrays (4), thermal radiators (5), and communications antenna (6), are not represented on the mockup.

Sign accompanying Orion Service Module Mockup at Glenn Research Center
Time picture taken Mon Aug 24 09:44:40 2009
Location picture taken Center Grounds
Glenn Research Center
Cleveland, Ohio
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