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Moon Rock

The visitor center featured a moon rock from the Apollo 15 mission.

This is a fragment of lunar sample 15015 [direct link to 1.9 megabyte PDF]. This is the 15015,79 display sample taken from the original rock.

The Lunar and Planetary Institute's atlas entry for 15015 [direct link to 1.2 meg PDF] contains additional information on 15015. The LPI also has a page with many photos of the original 15015 sample, as well as photos of the various sections into which 15015 was cut. NASA photos S75-29723 and S75-32784 show the slab from which ,79 was cut, and photo S75-29722 shows 15015,79 itself.

This moon rock was transferred to the Great Lakes Science Center after GRC's on-site visitor center closed.

dsc69033.jpg at Glenn Research Center
dsc69030.jpg at Glenn Research Center
dsc69034.jpg at Glenn Research Center
dsc69025.jpg at Glenn Research Center
dsc03893.jpg at Glenn Research Center
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