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The sign near the Ares I model. It reads

Ares I Crew Launch Vehicle

Model Scale: 1:15

Rocketing Into the Future

Constellation is the new program that will develop new rockets and spacecraft that will succeed the Space Shuttle for transporting crews to the International Space Station and enable NASA to explore the Moon and travel on to Mars. The Ares I crew launch vehicle will launch the crew aboard the Orion crew exploration vehicle to low Earth orbit.

A second new rocket, the Ares V cargo launch vehicle, will deliver the Earth departure stage including the lunar lander. After launching on the Ares I, the Orion spacecraft will dock with the lander for the trip to the Moon.

NASA Glenn's Role

Critical Capabilities for a New Age of Space Travel

The Ares I crew launch vehicle is being developed by a team of NASA centers and the contractors that will design, build, and test all of the components.

NASA Glenn's roles include the system that steers the upper stage rocket engine, the upper stage electrical power system and development flight instrumentation, sensors, and the upper stage purge and hazardous gas detection systems.

Glenn is also responsible for the design and fabrication of the upper stage simulator fo the first Ares I test flight, Ares I-X, scheduled for launch in 2009. This flight test hardware has been designed and built by a dedicated team of Glenn employees and contractors.

[photo caption] The upper stage segments of the Ares I-X test vehicle were built here at NASA Glenn.

Sign accompanying Ares I model on Glenn Research Center grounds
Time picture taken Mon Aug 24 09:38:22 2009
Location picture taken Center Grounds
Glenn Research Center
Cleveland, Ohio
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