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The sign accompanying the Launch Entry Suit replica. It reads

Space Shuttle Launch and Entry Suit

This is an authentic replica of a Shuttle suit worn by the crew during launch, re-entry, and landing. It provides protection in certain emergency situations, such as loss of cabin air pressure or if bailing out of the vehicle by parachute.

It also provides pressure bladders which squeeze the abdomen and legs, preventing blood from pooling in the lower body and causing an astronaut to black out. This can occur as the spacecraft returns from orbit to Earth's gravity.

US Spacesuits by Thomas and McMann indicates that the Launch Entry Suit started being phased out in 1994 and by 1995 it had been replaced by the Advanced Crew Escape Suit, or ACES. The astronauts on Glenn's STS-95 flight, taking place in 1998, would therefore have worn ACES rather than LES.

Nonetheless, the displayed suit more closely resembles an LES.

Sign accompanying Shuttle Launch Entry Suit replica in Glenn Research Center visitor center lobby
Time picture taken Sun Aug 23 15:07:54 2009
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Glenn Research Center
Cleveland, Ohio
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