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Delta Payload Fairing/Shroud Gallery


Overall view of the payload fairing/shroud and its contents.

The satellite is an Orbiting Solar Observatory (OSO). The top part is called the "sail", contains a solar array for power and experiments which must be pointed in a particular direction, and remains stationary in orbit.

The bottom part is called the "wheel", contains batteries, communications and guidance electronics, and additional experiments which do not require pointing. The wheel contains three extendable arms which have high-pressure nitrogen gas spheres. Cold gas thrusters help maintain the wheel's spin rate of approximately 30 RPM.

The shroud also encloses the third stage motor.

Delta Payload Fairing/Shroud with solid-propellant third stage motor and Orbiting Solar Observatory (OSO) payload at Goddard Space Flight Center
Time picture taken Wed Jun 27 12:10:52 2007
Location picture taken Rocket Garden
Visitor Center
Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD
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