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The sign by the display. Even though the sign is for the "Prototype Cover Layer" (which I take to mean the ITMG), the sign is in front of the TLSA.

The sign reads:


MODEL: A7-L Prototype Cover Layer
MATERIAL: Nomex, aluminized mylar, nylon
CONDITION: Never been worn
STYLE: Apollo

Is the outside of your suit getting a little worn? This prototype cover layer will make your suit look like new. Built during the design process for the Apollo missions, this Nomex suit was a test to see how sections of the suit would be joined together. A good cover-layer protects astronauts from the extreme temperatures of space as well as micrometeorite impacts.

On loan from an Anonymous Donor

Sign by the Apollo A7L Suit TLSA and ITMG at Franklin Institute
Time picture taken Wed Jun 27 08:14:52 2007
Location picture taken "Space Command" Gallery
Franklin Institute
Philadelphia, PA
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