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The view into one of the fuel feed passages showing two of the "steps" where the diameter of the passage decreases.

Note the hypergol feed line. This line delivers pyrophoric fluid (fluid which spontaneously combusts upon contact with oxygen) into the thrust chamber through igniter fuel orifices in the injector.

This particular feed line leads to an igniter orifice between the outer circular baffle and the outer edge of the injector.

After seeing how many shots I had to take before getting a good exposure on the previous fuel feed passage shot, one of our hosts noted that it would be possible to place my LED flashlight on the injector face to have it illuminate the interior of the passage.

This makes it easy to note the holes in the forward (top) side of the passage, where fuel is delivered to the 16 fuel ring grooves.

Time picture taken Thu Jul 19 09:44:08 2012
Location picture taken Building 4205
Marshall Space Flight Center
Huntsville, AL
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