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Detail of nose art.

The nose of the plane is just jam-packed with text.

The top front says "B24A/LB30B Liberator", referring to the plane's US designation, UK designation, and nickname.

Under that is a little movie camera icon, along with the text "Fat Man, Little Boy". This is a reference to the fact that Diamond Lil appeared in the 1989 Paul Newman movie Fat Man and Little Boy. I was unable to find out much information about Lil's appearance, but apparently in the movie a general and a scientist climb into the cockpit and fire up the engines so that they may have a private conversation.

Additionally, I found this link which shows some sort of movie mockup of Diamond Lil which either has undergone some sort of crash, or perhaps was just partially disassembled for storage. The shape and construction of all of the windows on the nose is different. Also, this Lil mockup has bomb bays.

Under the "Diamond" it says

1940 Built by Consolidated
Aircraft Corporation of San Diego
1997 Refurbished by Lockheed Martin
and Volunteers of Fort Worth Aviation
Heritage Association

Under that it instructs

Do not turn nose
wheel more than
30 degrees when

Under the pilot's window it says

Service this airplane with
100 octane fuel only
In case of emergency the next
highest grade will be used

And finally, under the "Lil"

2001 Heavy maintenance check
2002 And refurbishment by American Airlines
2003 Volunteers of Tulsa, OK
2004 CAF "Spirit of Tulsa" Squadron
2005 2006

Time picture taken Sun Aug 6 13:02:51 2006
Location picture taken Northwest Chicago International Airport at Rockford (RFD)
Rockford, IL
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