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Behind the couch is a console stereo. It is most likely a tube-based, rather than solid state, device.

When I was an adolescent in the 1970s and early 1980s, I acquired a discarded console stereo not unlike this one and had my parents put it in the basement rec room. Although I didn't own any records (I had cassette tapes!), I listened to the radio and eventually hooked up a cassette player. Although the lights on the controls would come on immediately upon hitting the power switch, it took a minute or two for the tubes to warm up enough for the sound to first appear and then gradually come to the desired volume.

The museum appears to have removed the lid, which probably would have been hinged at the rear, for display purposes.

A far cry from today's Bluetooth speakers! And this one appears to have not one but two headphone jacks.

Console stereo in Destination Moon living room
Time picture taken Thu Aug 23 09:56:12 2018
Location picture taken Boeing Hall
St. Louis Science Center
St. Louis, MO
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