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The sign accompanying the gloves. It reads

Aldrin's Extravehicular Gloves

These gloves have an outer, cut-resistant shell of Chromel-R fabric across the hands to prevent fatal air leaks caused by handling sharp objects, and gauntlets to protect against solar heating. The blue fingertips were made of silicone rubber to provide more sensitivity for touching.

These gloves were made by ILC Industries of Dover, Delaware, which also made the A7L lunar space suits. Aldrin, like other Moonwalking astronauts, had a separate set of gloves for use inside the spacecraft while fully suited.

Transferred from NASA

Aldrin Apollo 11 LEVA and Gloves at Destination Moon
Time picture taken Thu Aug 23 11:21:54 2018
Location picture taken Boeing Hall
St. Louis Science Center
St. Louis, MO
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