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A Flight Director Attitude Indicator (FDAI), left, and Apollo guidance computer Display/Keyboard (DSKY).

The sign accompanying the FDAI (off to the left; not visible in this picture) reads

The Attitude Indicator showed the position of the LM in 3 dimensions.

Donor: Art Romeo

The sign for the DSKY reads

The On board Flight Computer monitored LM systems and control functions. Although primitive by today's standards, this computer got people to the moon and back.

Donor: Grumman Aerospace Corporation

Of course, the DSKY is just the computer's display and keyboard; the computer itself was located elsewhere in the ascent stage.

Both the commander and lunar module pilot had their own FDAI (on the "inside" edge of their respective windows), but they shared a single DSKY.

Time picture taken Tue Jun 26 15:05:48 2007
Location picture taken Cradle of Aviation Museum
Garden City, NY
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