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LM-1 Tank

LM-1 was the first production lunar module, and the first, unmanned, lunar module to fly in space (during the Apollo 5 mission), on AS-204, an unusually-configured Saturn IB, on January 22, 1968.

After the completion of the mission, LM-1's descent stage remained in orbit for several weeks, not reentering until February 12, 1968. Its remains showered over South America. Part of the descent stage was quickly discovered in Colombia, but a .9m spherical tank escaped detection until June 1970. Part of that tank was returned to Grumman, mounted, and is now part of the Cradle of Aviation's collection (although it was not on public display when I visited).

I have additional information on LM-1's mission, as well as a scan of a certificate of participation.

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