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The sign accompanying the Gemini 4 hatch. It reads

Gemini 4 Spacecraft Hatch

Edward H. White left the Gemini 4 spacecraft through this hatch, June 3, 1965. He was the first American to walk in space. This first Extra Vehicular Activity, or EVA, was a critical step on the way to the Moon.

On Loan: National Air & Space Museum

Despite what the sign says, the hatch through which Ed White traveled to perform the first EVA is actually still attached to Gemini 4 at the Smithsonian; the pilot (who performs the EVA) sits on the starboard side of the spacecraft, while the command pilot sits on the port side.

Sign by Gemini 4 Hatch at Cradle of Aviation
Time picture taken Tue Jun 26 09:36:00 2007
Location picture taken Hallway Outside of Long Island to the Moon Gallery
Cradle of Aviation Museum
Garden City, NY
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