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Detail of the remains of the ID plate on the fuel additive blender unit.

The paint's been removed from most of the ID plate, but it appears to read

A Division of North American Aviation, Inc.
Canoga Park, Calif.
Rocket Engine Component
Part Name
Blender Unit Assembly
Part No. Contract No.
3 454075 D [blank]
Date of Mfg. Stock No. Model No.
2-9-60 [blank] [blank]
Serial No. Spec No. Weight Insp:
R024V RA0210525 [blank] [inspection stamp]

Fuel additive blender unit (FABU) on Cut-Away H-1 Engine at Kansas Cosmosphere
Time picture taken Sat Apr 16 13:51:00 2016
Location picture taken Outside Dr. Goddard's Lab
Kansas Cosmosphere
Hutchinson, KS
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