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Several of the signs accompanying the probe and drogue. The signs, from top to bottom, read

Probe Capture Latch Assembly

Probe tip captures receiving hole in bottom of LM drogue; works as a flexible ball joint between both spacecraft as final capture alignment is achieved.

Docking Ring

Attached to top of CM; contains 12 docking latches that when activated at the end of docking procedure hold both spacecraft together.

Drogue Assembly

Passive funnel receiver for docking probe; attached to top of LM docking tunnel.

Probe Assembly

Primary active component of docking system; when center gas piston is actuated, the probe is compressed, pulling both spacecraft together.

Apollo Probe & Drogue System at Kansas Cosmosphere
Time picture taken Mon Jul 28 09:49:32 2008
Location picture taken Apollo Gallery
Hall of Space
Kansas Cosmosphere
Hutchinson, KS
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