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Sign at "Confederate Air Force Pad No. 1." The reentry vehicle in the diagram looks different than the one actually on display (compare to a long shot of the missile), but I suppose that could be because of the angle from which my pictures were taken?

The shadow down the middle of the sign is from a light mounted above it.

The sign reads


This is the site of Confederate Air Force Pad No. I

Holding 98', this giant missile was dismantled in California and flown to Warner Robins Air Force Base. The missile was then transported along I-75 to Cordele.

The Rotary Club of Cordele initiated this project, a dream of its'[sic] Presdent, John S. Pate Jr. The dream ecame reality when Confederate Air Force Pad No. I was christened July 17, 1969.

The Titan was donated to the Cordele Rotary Club by the Federal goverment. The Rotary donated it to Cordele and Crisp County.

Squadron Configuration & Harness 3X3
Guidance Radio
Reentry Vehicle Mk 4
Fuel & Oxidizer RPI LOX
Length 98'

Time picture taken Mon Jun 6 12:37:54 2005
Location picture taken Cordele, Georgia
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