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The sign accompanying the C-47. It reads

Boeing XB-47 Stratojet

Wingspan - 116'
Length - 102'
Engine - Six GE J47
Speed - 610 mph
Armament - Conventional & Nuclear Weapons

This XB-47 is the only surviving XB-47 left in the world. The world's first swept-wing bomber flew its maiden flight in 1947. This XB or experimental model was one of only two produced at the Boeing plant in Seattle in 1947. The B-47 would serve primarily as a strategic bomber for SAC with the ability to carry conventional or nuclear weapons. Other B-47s were modified for weather and reconnaissance duties. The B-47 never dropped a bomb in combat and was retired from service in the mid-1960s.

Sign by the XB-47 at Chanute Air Museum
Time picture taken Tue Sep 22 11:06:44 2015
Location picture taken Air Park
Chanute Air Museum
Rantoul, Illinois
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